Fetch Marketing

Ser Tech’s Fetch Marketing primarily uses Equifax, but our auto campaigns have the option to use Experian. Ser Tech has strong relationships with all credit bureaus across our products
Ser Tech’s unique relationship with Equifax, Experian and TransUnion allows our Fetch Marketing platform to reach out to existing members or nonmembers within your defined service area and collect those that reach your credit and other criteria.
Ser Tech Fetch Marketing will use your credit bureau reporting code to suppress your own loans or you can provide a member/customer file for those you wish to exclude. It’s very flexible with thousands of data points to sift and sort to fit your needs.
Ser Tech Fetch Marketing can be used for all types of consumer and mortgage loan campaigns, including credit cards, mortgages, home equity loans and lines of credit, auto loans and personal loans. Auto loans are one of our most popular programs, particularly for refinancing consumers with higher-rate loans elsewhere.
Yes, the dedicated team at Ser Tech will work with you to build campaigns that suit the unique needs of your credit union.
Yes! With our Fetch Marketing Triggers campaigns, we sort through data and apply advanced analytics to determine who might be in the market for a new car, credit card or home or home equity loan soon. Even student loan refinancings! Ser Tech leverages sophisticated credit bureau data to target only optimal customers and prospects for the best bang for your marketing buck.
Ser Tech also offers a responsive marketing option through daily Triggers. We monitor your member/customer file and when we see someone’s been applying for loans, we contact them – by email, letter or phone, depending upon your program – within 24 hours to consider your credit union’s loan offering, because we know 60% of loan shoppers commit within the week.
Yes, Ser Tech has a highly experienced team of marketers who will help you craft professional and FCRA compliant letters, postcards, emails or digital marketing pieces for each of your loan campaigns. We consult regarding design and messaging to ensure your marketing campaigns perform the best they possibly can!
Turnkey is our specialty! Many of Ser Tech’s clients are smaller institutions with very limited resources and time. Other than the specific promotion a financial institution is offering, there’s little involvement necessary from the client. Some are more hands on, but others prefer to set it and forget it. We help them do that with great results!
Results vary from campaign to campaign and financial institution to financial institution, but we see an average return on investment of more than 3X the credit union’s spend on a Fetch Marketing campaign
Ser Tech can create a beautiful, compliant and effective marketing campaign for literally any budget. Our pricing is very competitive.
Ser Tech processes campaigns and other products and services for hundreds of credit unions, allowing us to leverage volume to receive preferred pricing from our credit bureau partners, and we pass that savings on to our clients!
Our clients that have the most success, time campaigns seasonally, make exceptional offers to different types of people (personas) with different offers at different times of year; run monthly campaigns if your marketing budget can accommodate it; and make follow up calls after a campaign begins is a best practice.
When a campaign begins, Ser Tech will deliver data to the credit union, including who we’ve reached out to, their credit score and their contact information if the institution doesn’t already have it. The most successful campaign conversion rates we’ve seen among clients is from taking the data we send them and following up to check in on the recipients to offer assistance with any questions they might have about the institution’s offer.
To ensure your credit union and Ser Tech are in compliance when an offer of credit is made, Ser Tech must contact the target at least once. After that has occurred, the credit union receives a full mail report for any additional follow-up the credit union may want to do, or Ser Tech offers a follow-up calling service as well.
No. Ser Tech’s Fetch Marketing campaigns are considered a pre-qualification, not a pre-approval. Once targets respond to the offer, the credit union underwrites the loan as it normally would. If the applicant meets your criteria, you’ve got a loan. If not, the credit union is fully in compliance to reject the loan application. Pre-qualification requires that an “offer of credit be made;” it does not require that a loan be made.
Yes, Ser Tech can accommodate campaign schedules across multiple product offerings.
Ser Tech tracks that for you! Once a year, you can pull down an ROI report that provides the loans you make matched against the campaigns run through Ser Tech. We calculate your ROI, number and dollar amount of loans, interest income in the first year versus full term, your campaign’s breakeven point – typically 2-4 months – and more! Plus, we’ll show you what we call halo loans, or loans cross sold after the borrower responded to the initial campaign, and the other loan opportunities you have in your market to help strategize your next campaign!
Yes, Ser Tech’s programs allow lenders the option to market different rates and terms based on different credit tiers, setting better expectations with members. The majority of credit unions choose to market their best rate to drive the maximum number of responders and then allow their skilled loan officers to put the member in the right loan based on rate, term, etc. Most consumers understand final rate is driven by their creditworthiness.
That is up to your credit union! We customize offers to fit your brand and style. You will work closely with the Ser Tech team to create copy and designs that maximize your results and suit your needs.
Ser Tech has no minimum requirements. We run any campaign frequency, from a one-time mailing up to monthly. Whether you need a quick single hit of loans, want to test our program or an ongoing marketing engine, we can accommodate.
Once we’ve signed a contract, implementation is just a matter of weeks before the first campaign goes out if you’d like.

Account Review

Ser Tech is a credit data analytics company, and one of our most popular offerings is Fetch Marketing, but we also offer an intuitive, easy-to-understand risk management solution we call Account Review to help credit unions keep an eye on credit risk management.
Account Review helps Ser Tech clients monitor delinquency, charge-offs, and credit-score migration.
Ser Tech has strong relationships with all credit bureaus across our products.

Credit Education and Marketing

Understanding credit is an integral piece to consumers’ financial stability that, when used properly, can help them grow personal wealth. But when borrowers’ get in over their heads, it can also go horribly wrong. By providing consumers their credit score and education about it through Ser Tech’s Flitter, credit unions will build more educated and responsible consumers of their products and services. Consumers want greater transparency from the financial institutions with which they conduct business, so offering them their credit score and education cultivates trust and security. It also improves engagement with the financial institution by demonstrating your are looking out for your customer/members’ best interests. Plus, your credit union can make loan offers right in your home banking or mobile apps, better monitor borrowers’ ups and downs for personalized credit offers and obtain an improved view of creditworthiness.
Ser Tech’s Flitter provides consumers their true FICO Score that lenders use to make decision and not just an educational score, which can lead to confusion, frustration and mistrust. We also provide the borrower with information on what affecting it positively and negatively, so they can gain insights and turn that into action. Implementation for the financial institution is simple, and the program is turnkey. We plug an API into your home and/or mobile banking platforms and it’s up and running. Through that your credit union can use Flitter Screen to make loan offers, in addition to giving consumers their real credit score. And, Flitter Account Review, a robust and cost-efficient member account review, supports periodic evaluation of borrowers’ credit health and score migration.
Ser Tech has strong relationships with all credit bureaus across our products.

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