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The Spanish word "ser" means "essence." Therefore, "Ser Technology" could loosely be interpreted as "Essence of Technology." Modern philosophers have defined the "essence of technology" as a way of revealing something contained within nature by extracting it, transforming it, storing it, and distributing it. While that definition describes our process in credit analysis, we simply define the essence of technology as tools that help credit union professionals and their institutions succeed.

Why We Do What We Do

Like many tech companies, Ser Tech began with little more than an idea. We've been fortunate enough to build a great team, create innovative services, and develop strong relationships over the last quarter century. Today, we serve credit unions, community banks, financial cooperatives and partner organizations in the U.S. and abroad. Our offices are based in Texas, California, and China.

How Can We Help?

We believe in responsible consumer credit services. People should have access to fairly priced credit, whether it be credit cards, autos, student loans, or mortgages. Fair credit helps families and their communities to thrive and grow. That is why we have focused on developing financial technology services to help credit unions empower lives.

We commit time and resources to work alongside principled organizations that reflect our core values. This work includes fostering credit awareness through local college internship programs and sponsoring domestic and international credit development initiatives.