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About Flitter

Give them their FICO® Score. They’ll give you all the credit.

Also make loan offers through your home and mobile banking system.

What is Flitter?

The Flitter suite provides financial institutions with all the tools to provide a comprehensive set of consumer-focused credit services

Flitter – integrates with your home and mobile banking network to provide customers their FICO® Score and credit education

Flitter Account Review – a robust and cost-efficient member account review that secures FICO Score and 41 additional attributes with our partner Equifax; supports periodic evaluation of customer credit health and score migration as well as supplies the FICO Score required for Flitter

Flitter Screen – integrates with our Fetch Marketing campaigns to make direct loan offers to your customers online

Integrate Flitter with your Home & Mobile Banking

Did You Know?

71% of consumers believe it is important to see the actual credit scores their lenders are using

62% of consumers who received a non-FICO credit score mistakenly believed they had actually received a FICO Score

83% of consumers believed the non-FICO credit scores they obtained were scores widely used by lenders to make credit decisions

90% of all lending decisions rely on the FICO Score



Make Offers Through Your Home & Mobile Banking

The Benefits of Flitter

  • Offer your customers their real FICO Score
  • Flitter is delivered as a turnkey, co-branded service, complete with home and mobile banking integration
  • An educated customer is a wiser customer – Flitter provides a comprehensive set of documentation for customers to better understand the complexities of the credit universe
  • By improving financial acuity, customers’ borrowing costs decrease, credit profiles improve and financial freedoms expand
  • These benefits culminate into a reduction of risk for the credit union in the long-term

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