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Who is Ser Tech

Helping credit unions deliver and decision capital when and where it is needed

We believe in the community mission to promote growth and improve financial access for all consumers.  Our services will support strategic focus on member well-being and help credit unions compete with the most sophisticated lenders in the marketplace today.

Ser Tech has been serving credit unions since 1994, generating new loans through targeted prescreen and loan inquiry marketing.  Now, combined with GDS Link, Ser Tech delivers a full-service solution that includes nextgen loan decisioning, consulting, and analytics to expand underwriting beyond the credit score and to ensure lending processes and procedures are efficient and maximized.

From direct marketing to integrated loan offers within leadgen sources, our services deliver loan offers creatively and predictively when members need credit.  Decisioning services access more data and machine learning to increase the buy box while reducing risk.

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LoanGen Solutions Based on Credit Data



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Credit Data Sources

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  • Market offers precisely for refinance or loan acquisition
  • Monthly prescreen with 2,000+ credit attributes
  • 4 tradelines of each loan type
  • Member or non-member
  • Target auto, credit card, real estate, home equity, personal and student loans

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Account Review

  • FICO® score delivery to members via FSOA

  • Monitor member and loan risk

  • Analytics on member credit profile

  • Intelligence on allocation and volume by loan type and tier

  • Up to 500+ credit data and attributes returned

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  • Market loan offers to active shoppers of credit
  • Daily feed of loan inquiries across the country
  • 500+ credit attributes
  • Member or non-member
  • Target mortgage, credit card, auto, personal loans

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  • Integrate with client website
  • One-to-one evaluation of consumer credit
  • Custom loan offer(s) based on credit review
  • 600+ credit attributes

Credit Union Solutions

LoanGen Marketing


Prescreen & Triggers

  • Omni-channel loan offers

  • Advanced credit criteria

  • New data sources

  • 360° view of campaign success

  • Integrated lead-gen channels at POS

NexGen Decisioning


Reduce Risk - Save!

  • 6,000 trended data attributes across all 3 bureaus

  • Access 250+ credit & alternative data sources

  • Expand buy-box (smart access to subprime)

  • Open API Integration

  • Decision all loan types including business



Lending Strategy Review

  • Campaign response models

  • Portfolio profitability

  • Fraud modeling

  • Forecasting

  • Credit policy development


Results That Speak for Themselves

3,000 $5 $1B
Credit Unions Served ROI for Every $1 in Loans Generated Annually



"Without these triggers, we would have only seen the payoff notice from a competitor without knowing these folks were out there trying to refinance their mortgage."

VP of Marketing

Power Financial Credit Union

"Our people love these leads! I would recommend Ser Tech's Marketing to any credit union that wants to get members. It performs and is profitable."

VP of Lending

Associated CU of TX

"We definitely noticed the increase in credit card accounts opened and growing balances when we started running a new Fetch Marketing campaign for credit cards."

Chief Lending Officer

Police Federal Credit Union

"Fetch Marketing has generated $4.52 for every $1 invested. It has been a clear winner for our credit union."

Senior Executive

Pen Air FCU

"We've costed out the marketing campaigns with other vendors, and the pricing that we've received from Ser Tech has been very reasonable, with good response rates."

Digital Marketing Strategist

FedChoice FCU

"They were able to get us our new campaign launched in less than 20 days start to finish!"

Director of Sales & Service

Natco CU

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