How Extroverts Shelter in Place and Help Members


Chris McCullough, who was recently promoted to Ser Tech’s Growth Marketing Manager, is an extrovert, so being cooped up during the corona-driven social distancing has been a challenge. Like many businesses, Ser Tech has instituted a work-from-home status for everyone’s safety. Except, between his less-than-reliable satellite internet and anxiety over the possibility of infection, Chris’ life has been thrown into minor chaos. He is working from his sister’s, where his grandparents are, while his mother, who works as an Emergency Department secretary, has taken up sanctuary in his apartment with his brother and roommate. Fortunately, his big, Italian family is very close. Chris explained, “I consider my siblings two of my best friends.”


Chris started with Ser Tech in 2018, and he enjoys being able to work from home – just occasionally and by choice. “I like the flexibility,” he explained about his work so far with Ser Tech. “I like being able to know that what I’m doing is helping credit unions really help members save money. I’ve banked with a credit union my entire life, so I know how important it is.” Especially now.


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“Right now, help your members before they need it,” Chris advised credit unions. “Be proactive before a situation blows up into a really big issue.” Credit unions should also make a strong, ‘we’re here to help you’ statements. “We know who you are; you know who we are, so let’s trust each other that we’re in this together.” Chris said, “I prefer credit unions and have banked with one since I was 16. It’s more personable. Everybody at the branch knows who I am and ask how my family’s doing because we’ve been banking there for so long.” Plus, the Ser Tech team is a great group of hardworking, nice people, Chris added. “We’re all working from home very safely. I’m super thankful I still have a job. Things are a little bit different, but the good thing about Ser Tech is we’re always here to help members, and right now we can help reach those who are really struggling. We can help credit unions help members make it through this hard time.”


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Chris’ professional background is anything but standard. After several major changes in college and working seven years as a telemetry tech at a hospital through college, Chris finally made the decision to follow his passion for art and design, ultimately leaving the medical field for a career in graphic design and marketing. “I realized that if I was not being creative, I was not going to be happy with what I was doing for the rest of my life,” he explained. “I’m really excited to be in this new role and to learn new things and practice marketing from a different perspective than we have been doing.”


Music is also a creative outlet for Chris. He plays guitar, drums, bass, ukulele and sings, in addition to writing his own music. He even auditioned for American Idol a few times! In addition, Chris creates art in various mediums, including watercolors and colored pencils, and is partial owner of a woodshop.


That’s not the end of Chris’ hobby list though. The self-described pop-culture nerd said his favorite book is Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Favorite podcasts: Armchair Expert with Dax Sheppard and Do Go On.  His favorite movies cover comedies like Anchorman, Zoolander and I Love You, Man, but also adventures such as National Treasure and The Avengers. They’ll keep Chris in good company and high spirits as he practices social distancing.


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