Why Ser Tech Chooses to Collide for Credit Unions


Ser Tech is a founding sponsor of the Underground Collision because we believe in the future of credit unions. Because we believe they make a difference, and they are more than money. Combining modern governance, thinking and technology with the cooperative credit union people helping people philosophy is the future, and that’s exactly what the Underground is all about.

Look at Zelle. Bank of America, BB&T, Capital One, JPMorgan Chase, PNC Bank, US Bank, Citibank and Wells Fargo joined forces to create a payment system for the future of money. These staunch competitors stole a page right out of credit unions collaborative playbook. Why? Because they know this is the future of money and business. Credit unions, not for profit and collaborative by design, did not do this. So, the next question credit unions must ask themselves is, ‘Why not?’



That is what the Underground Collision brings to the forefront.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Underground revolution as we Collide with Money 20/20 in Las Vegas, Oct. 26, please click here to learn more!

Disruption is uncomfortable. Nobody likes to be disrupted, and few are willing to do the work to not just survive but thrive! Our message: Get comfortable being uncomfortable!

And that goes for banks and fintechs, too. On October 26th, credit unions will arrive in Las Vegas for an Underground Collision with the Money 20/20 conference where payments, fintech and financial services executives come together. Only a handful of credit unions have the foresight to attend. We belong at the table, and the Underground is out to demonstrate we deserve a seat at the table during these discussions. We will disrupt the disruptors and demonstrate the influence of cooperatives.

And it’s already begun. A number of speakers at Money 20/20 will be coming early to attend the Underground Collision, powered by Mitchell, Stankovic & Associates . Credit unions must demonstrate that they aren’t the quaint, ‘nice,’ little financial do-gooders, but a real power for the future of financial services. We are the original disruptors when the banks weren’t willing to serve the needs of consumers – in the US and abroad – of modest means.

See how Ser Tech lives the credit union spirit by contacting us today to help you reach more consumers when and where they want!

Join us and meet a new network of thought leaders dedicated to the credit union principles that mean so more than money. Be one of the early adopters who understand that times are changing quickly. Fail forward fast! Drive change. Together, we will generate a revolution because doing the right thing also makes good business sense!


Underground Collision speakers, panelists and moderators will be key CEOs and thought leaders from critical CUSOs, councils, credit unions and the best of entrepreneurs. It doesn’t matter you position in the credit union community – everyone has an equal say Underground. This is not like any conference you’ve attended. The focus is much more on dialogue with attendees and gathering the best ideas from everybody in the room.

The Underground Collision is proudly sponsored by Ser Tech , as well as Mitchell, Stankovic & Associates , CU*Answers , World Council of Credit Unions, CUNA Mutual Group , PSCU and BALANCE . CO-OP Financial Services is sponsoring the afterhours reception at The Mob Museum Underground Speakeasy.



As my friend, Brian Branch, CEO of the World Council of Credit Unions, said, “The credit union industry represents more than 260 million members worldwide. We will be a part of the Underground to provide a unique perspective on how global action has local impact.”