Blowing Consumers' Minds Using Behavioral Economics

Time: 1/24/2019 1:00:00 PM

Duration: 1 Hour

Does your financial institution have trouble capturing the attention of your consumers?
It could be how they are perceiving your message. In this webcast, Melina Palmer, founder of The Brainy Business, will explain the concept of behavioral economics, how it affects consumers’ buying decisions, and why they may come to you – or not – for products and services. We’ll launch a rocket into consumers’ decision-making process and what’s going on inside their heads that may be affecting your financial institution’s ability to convert. 
You will learn:
• How the human brain works and how that affects buying decisions
• Steps to creating a brand that captures consumers’ hearts and minds (literally)
• Top tips for community financial institutions in 2019
Join us for a wild ride into the consumer psyche! Limited webcast seating is available.

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