"All of our auto loan portfolio growth, outside of indirect, came from ALR"

Fetch Marketing Client

Senior Executive, APCO Employees CU

"Fetch Marketing has generated $4.52 for every $1 invested. It has been a clear winner for our credit union."

Fetch Marketing Client

Senior Executive, Pen Air FCU

"This campaign has really helped us build our auto loan portfolio. It's been a great resource in today’s low-interest rate environment."

Fetch Marketing Customer

Senior Executive, Cascade Community FCU

"We’re a small credit union—with a very small staff! We needed a can’t-miss, turnkey way to recapture our auto loans."

Fetch Marketing Client

Senior Executive, Dept. of Public Safety FCU

"We have increased loan volume and cross sales with the ALR programs."

Martin Misser

Vice President, Connecticut Teachers FCU

"Solid program that has been instrumental in driving loan growth along net income."

Scott McMillan

Senior Executive, Qualtrust FCU

"Ser Tech has great service; it's easy to use, and provides great results!"

Kandi Roholt

Vice President, Goldenwest CU

"Easy to use and allows our few employees to do other tasks while ALR takes care of this bigger task."

Nilsa Gelbert

Branch Manager, FOCUS Credit Union

"Good ROI, easy to use, and very turnkey."

Fetch Marketing Client

Executive, Medium Enterprise Financial Banking Company

"These are easy to use and approve. Takes very little time for great results. This streamlines what our marketing company can do."

Fetch Marketing Client

Marketing Professional, Small Business Banking Company

"We had one member that had financed 6 other autos with us, and when we discovered he had financed elsewhere, we were able to start a conversation with him and get him to bring his new loan to us."

Kerry Smith

Marketing Professional, Turbine FCU

"Auto Loan Recapture has returned a great ROI for the program. The letters are polished and the team is helpful in recommending ways to improve the pull through."

Fetch Marketing Client

Vice President, Small Business Banking Company

"The ALR program helps not just recapture the auto loan but keeps our name in front of the members."

Lawoka Dionne

CEO , First Pioneers FCU

"Great customer service, consistent delivery—this is an ongoing monthly project that we do not have to think too much about. We can rely on Ser Tech to do their job with complete confidence."

Fetch Marketing Client

Marketing Professional, Medium Enterprise Financial Services Company

"We are very happy with the program."

Fetch Marketing Client

Human Resources Director, Small Business Financial Services Company

"Its easy to do, and we are able to recapture so many auto loans!"

Fetch Marketing Client

Vice-President, Small Business Energy & Financial Services Company