Find the right borrowers at the right time with a credit prescreen

Use thousands of attributes to fine-tune your search!

Like many lenders, credit unions are facing stiff competition for loans, and consumers are overwhelmed by the options. Would you like the secret to getting a leg up on the competition?

Ser Tech's Fetch Predictive Marketing campaigns incorporate sophisticated credit prescreen processes to target only creditworthy credit union members and potential members with your credit union's loan marketing - new and refinancing!




Our predictive marketing process:

  • Identifies creditworthy credit union members and potential members who recently financed a loan elsewhere or have a higher likelihood of needing credit
  • Selects only qualified borrowers as determined by your credit union based on credit score, existing loans, behavior and other credit attributes
  • Sends potential borrowers a personalized, prequalified loan offer to members or prospects via finely tuned email marketing or direct mail
Benefits of Fetch Predictive Marketing
  • Execute professionally designed loan marketing campaigns, including results reporting, with little work for your marketing team
  • Boost your marketing ROI and budget savings through highly refined, targeted marketing
  • Avoid risk with prescreened, credit data-based loan marketing
  • Increase your market and wallet share by refinancing loans 
  • Leverage Ser Tech's economies of scale for significant cost savings 
  • Strengthen member loyalty and unveil cross-sell opportunities