Receive an alert when members and potential members are in the market 

Make prequalified offers while they're still looking

In these crazy times, even the experts are saying, 'No one has a crystal ball.'

But what if your credit union did? How much better off would your credit union and your members be if you could tell when they wanted or needed a loan - possibly even before they realized it?

Ser Tech's Fetch Triggers Marketing offers daily monitoring of members and potential members to identify those who are actively shopping for a loan. Then we send them your credit union's precisely targeted email marketing or give them a call on behalf of your credit union.




Choose Your Credit Union's Preferred Criteria
  • Credit score
  • Bankruptcy elimination
  • Maximum # of credit derogatory events
  • Geography

Each Trigger represents one of your members who has applied for a loan from a competitor. In today’s highly competitive lending environment, Ser Tech's credit data capabilities are critical to maintaining and growing loans for your credit union!