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Responsive | Triggers

Be alerted when your customers are shopping for a loan!

Make a prequalified offer while they're still looking.

With our Fetch Responsive Marketing program, your financial institution can monitor customers and prospects who are actively shopping for a loan in the marketplace. Through our partnership with Equifax, we are able to determine when they apply for a loan on a daily basis and immediately offer them a “pre-qualified” loan via email, letter or phone.

Why Triggers?

  • Within 24 hours of a credit inquiry you can offer a pre-qualified loan by mail, email and/or phone — while your customer or prospect is still shopping.
  • Each trigger you receive is an alert that one of your customers has applied for a loan from a competitor. In today’s highly competitive lending environment, it is imperative to access this data and monitoring service to retain loans.
  • Other financial institutions use trigger applications to their lending advantage. Leverage our technology and data to combat loans being taken from you.

Choose Preferred Criteria

  • Credit score
  • Bankruptcy elimination
  • Maximum # of credit derogatory events
  • Geography