Give members their FICO® Score and make loan offers with


right in your home banking and mobile app platforms!

Consumers are anxious about so many matters today. Let's not make their credit score one more thing! Provide your credit union members with their real FICO® Score and credit education right where they're visiting you with finances on their minds - your credit union's always-open digital branch.

Offer your credit union members more with Ser Tech's Flitter. More control over their finances. More opportunities to save with your credit union. More convenience. More wealth-building loans to make their dreams a reality! Flitter is an excellent solution for educating members about their credit, helping them to improve their score and lower their cost.

Flitter integrates with your home banking and mobile app platforms using top security to keep your members' data safe and secure, while offering them convenience that typically only large financial institutions are able to afford. It also allows the credit union to monitor their credit health, giving your executives greater peace of mind in their loan decisioning.

Did You Know?

71% of consumers believe it is important to see the actual credit scores their lenders are using

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Did You Know?

62% of consumers who received a non-FICO credit score mistakenly believed they had actually received a FICO Score



Did You Know?

83% of consumers believed the non-FICO credit scores they obtained were scores widely used by lenders to make credit decisions